describe the imageMarygrove College offers 4 unique Online Graduate programs in the fields of Education Leadership, Educational Technology, Human Resource Management and Modern Language Translation.



Master in the Art of Teaching

teaching children MATMarygrove College has been known for excellence in teaching since 1905 and was one of the first U.S. colleges to offer the convenience and flexibility of obtaining a master’s degree via distance learning. With over 28,000 graduates from the Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT) degree program since 1990, Marygrove has a history of serving K-12 teachers with a program that is relevant to today’s working educators, with outcomes that improve classroom practice and help graduates fulfill their career aspirations.

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Educational Leadership

teacher certification istock 000009806243medium (1)A Master of Arts in Educational Leadership is a State Approved Administrative Certification Program that provides candidates with the knowledge, dispositions, and skills to manage and lead today’s schools. Courses are offered both on-line and on-campus. It prepares the educational leader to promote the success of all students by facilitating a vision of success that engages the school staff, families, and community members in research based practices that lead to increased student achievement. The program prepares administrators for the K-12 school principal, supervisory, and director opportunities. Candidates completing the program will be eligible for Administrative Certification K-12.



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Educational Technology

educational technology

The technology revolution has touched all aspects of teaching and administration in today’s schools. As a result, educators—teachers, professionals, and administrators alike—must keep up with changes and make choices among an ever expanding array of technology resources. 

The Master of Education in Educational Technology provides educators—teachers, professionals, and administrators alike—with the knowledge and practical ability to keep up with changes and make choices among an ever expanding array of technology resources in all aspects of teaching and administration in today’s schools.

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Modern Language Translation

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The Modern Language Translation program is designed for professionals who plan to pursue a career in translation and train for the American Translators Association (ATA) certification. The certificate is also intended for individuals who wish to communicate effectively in a multilingual and multicultural work environment. The sequence of courses provides translation training from Arabic, French, or Spanish into English. 


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Human Resource Management

human resource management

The Master of Arts degree and graduate certificate programs in Human Resource Management help practicing HRM specialists or other organization staff members moving into HRM to advance their knowledge and skills in the field.

The Human Resource Management graduate program focuses upon the practice of human resource management in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Courses offer both concept and skill components designed to help students base practice on solid theoretical grounding. Courses are led by faculty members who have earned advanced graduate degrees and/or possess significant experience in the fields of business, organization behavior, and human resources.

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reading 510This law, PA118/32, which went into effect July 1, 2009, requires all Michigan teachers to take a reading diagnosis and differentiated instruction class prior to receiving their Professional certification. This is a State of Michigan requirement. 

  • Marygrove has a 3-credit, online course, RDG 510, which meets this requirement. 
  • If you are currently in a degree program, RDG 510 will qualify for financial aid. 
  • The course is run in March-April, May-June, and October-December each year. 
  • You will have an online instructor (mentor) for this course. 
  • The cost of the course is approximately $1420 for current students.
  • The cost of the course is approximately $1445 for special students.
  • You must buy your own books. 
  • A book flyer is attached
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