Online Masters Degree in Educational Technology

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Master of Education and NP Endorsement in Educational Technology


The technology revolution has touched all aspects of teaching and administration in today’s schools. As a result, educators—teachers, professionals, and administrators alike—must keep up with changes and make choices among an ever expanding array of technology resources in all aspects of teaching and administration in today’s schools.

A center of excellence in the preparation of educators, Marygrove College in partnership with Lawrence Technological University—the region’s leader in technology-based education—offers the Educational Technology Masters Degree. Graduates of the program will become leaders in using computers and integrating educational technology in their classrooms. They will also become technology experts in the school and school district. During the course of graduate study, students will develop knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • use computers and new technology to enhance teaching
  • apply emerging technologies to the creation of educational media
  • participate in decision making about adoption of educational technology applications
  • make presentations to various audiences using appropriate technologies
  • train and coach others in the application of technology


The Educational Technology Masters Degree Online program comprises 30 credit hours of graduate study in practiced-oriented courses covering all aspects of integrating technology into the classroom. After completing all coursework for the M.Ed. in Educational Technology, students who currently hold a valid Michigan teacher license also receive a State of Michigan NP Technology Endorsement. A program option permits completion of 21 hours of the required courses for the State of Michigan NP Technology Endorsement without the degree. Courses are offered online for this program.



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum 3.0 grade point average
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed
  • Career Plan
  • Completed application with $25 application fee
  • A current Michigan teaching certificate required for the NP Technology Endorsement

The Online Masters Degree in Educational Technology program consists of 30 credit hours of course work, consisting of 7 core classes, 2 elective courses and a Capstone Seminar/Project. Seven core courses focus on content that all teachers need to know regardless of grade level and/or subject area. Descriptions for each of the courses are listed on the following pages.

Advance your career with Marygrove College’s online M.Ed. and NP Endorsement in Educational Technology

At a Glance


  • Assistive Technologies in Special Education*
  • Technology Tools for Teachers*
  • Distance Education Through Technology*
  • Issues in Educational Technology*
  • Computer Applications in Education **
  • Applied Instructional Technology **
  • Multimedia Development I **


  • Organizational Theory & Change*
  • Executive Leadership & Decision Making*
  • Educational Technology for Administrators*
  • Intro to Management Leadership*


  • Research Seminar & Project*
Courses taken at Marygrove College*
Courses taken at Lawrence Technological University**


Meaningful Course Work—Convenient and Online 


The first time you log on, you will see your virtual desk where every class is clearly organized. Your collaboration group has a shared online discussion space, and you have frequent contact with your mentor through conference calls and email. You will be able to stay on track and complete your assignments with the help of checklists and timelines. It is also worth mentioning that you will have the convenience of being able to read and reread discussion-board posts, lectures and notes anytime of the day or week.


We provide robust learning experiences that hold your attention, activate your creativity, and accommodate not only your personal learning style, but also your schedule. Textbooks, articles and subject-matter experts bring you the latest information available. And because our teaching philosophy is student-centered, professors will know you; if you are struggling with the material, they will do their best to present information in a way you understand.


You will gain deep understanding of course materials through collaboration with other professionals, either through face-to-face collaboration groups or online discussion boards. Many students find that a discussion board helps ensure that they are not lost in the discussion or afraid to share their ideas. In the traditional classroom, it is often the uninhibited students who readily share their thoughts and opinions. But in an online setting, everyone, even the quietest students, gets the opportunity to contribute.

Required Courses

SED 573: Assistive Technologies in Special Education

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

SED573 introduces the use of adaptive technology, methods for linking technology and instruction of students with special needs, techniques for selecting and utilizing computer based instructional programs, and methods for developing interactive instructional materials.

EDT 640: Technology Tools for Teachers

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This Educational Technology Masters Degree course focuses on the integration of technology into lesson plans that support critical and higher order thinking, creative expression and problem solving skills. Emphasis is placed on a variety of technology tools and integration methods based on learning theory and teaching practice.

EDT 650: Distance Learning through Technology

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This Educational Technology Masters Degree Online course prepares school teachers to design and teach an online course in their subject area. This course explores design and delivery strategies of online courses. Online pedagogy, content, assessment, collaboration, management and human issues are investigated.

EDT 688: Issues in Educational Technology

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This course explores educational technology issues related to classroom integration and appropriate resolution strategies. A constructivist, problem-based approach is used to place the

issues in a natural, school context that forces students to think and demonstrate ways to best manage the use of technology in teaching and learning.

MET 6203: Computer Applications in Education

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

Addresses the selection and implementation of educational software packages and utilization of Internet resources in the classroom. Involves student development of computer generated instructional materials for the classroom and other educational settings.

instructional materials for the classroom and other educational settings.

MET 6213: Applied Instructional Technology

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This Online Masters Degree in Educational Technology course is designed to provide students with the understanding of the concepts and operations of educational technology including research findings, trends, history, and future implications of new and combined technologies. Students apply various instructional technology strategies in the design and development of units in their field of expertise to be used in the classroom.

MET 6223: Multimedia Development I

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

Emphasis on the use of multimedia hardware and software to develop posters, transparencies,

and PowerPoint presentations. The presentations integrate pictures, graphics, animation and sound. Students learn the concepts of multimedia such as design, and how to incorporate the Internet into their presentations.


EDL 512: Organizational Theory and Change

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This course is designed to study organizational principles and organizational systems, theories and processes affecting leadership, and management of planned change.  It will also focus on the roles and responsibilities of school leaders as they address a set of beguiling challenges that schools face today and are likely to face for the foreseeable futures.  The main goal is to expand students’ perspectives on these organizational and curricular challenges, and thereby to assist them as potential leaders in forming enlightened approaches to address them.  This Educational Technology Masters Degree course prepares students to assume responsibility for school administration with appropriate communication, management, supervision, respect and value of human diversity.

EDU 515: Executive Leadership and Decision Making

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This course will focus on the theories of leadership and their influence on educational systems.  It will develop problem analysis and solution skills and ethical approaches to decision making. The role of decision-making and appropriate models for the executive will be stressed.  The student will gain an understanding of and information needs of education decision-makers and how such needs can be met. The emphasis is on data driven decision-making and organizational learning.

EDL 518: Management in Computer Information Systems (Technology for Administrators)

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This Educational Technology Masters Degree Online course will provide students the opportunity to explore how administrators can use computer technology to promote, enhance, and support both administrative and instructional activities in K-12 education.  Emphasis will be placed on how the integration of educational technology in the classroom can contribute to student achievement as well as the training and professional development of faculty.

EDL 529: Intro to Management Leadership

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

The course is designed to analyze the components of educational curriculum leadership necessary to improve instruction in K-12 education institutions. The focus is on the development of a personal and coherent vision of effective institutions including knowledge of alternative visions, the design of steps to achieve a vision, the knowledge and attitude needed to affect changes in programs. In this Online Masters Degree in Educational Technology course, students will be introduced to the concept of the "principal as change agent." Issues facing educational leaders, with a focus on principals in K-12 education will be considered in the context of the educational administrator as the chief architect of school improvement and change.


EDU 665/EDT 665: Research Seminar and Project

Identical to EDU 665.  Credit may not be earned in more than one of these courses.

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

This Educational Technology Masters Degree course provides for an in-depth study of basic techniques of research and educational reporting.  This course also covers evaluation of current research and trends for implementing change.

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