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Enhance Your Classroom Discussions With Power League


classroom discussion 01I’m always looking for new ways to enhance classroom discussions and this morning I came across a cool web application called Power League. Here’s how it works:

Power League allows students to cast individual votes in which they choose between two competing people, ideas or things. In a discussion on technology, for example, they could vote for which piece of technology— mobile phones or MP3 players—they thought was more useful. In a discussion on leadership, they could vote for whom ought to lead the world: Mahatma Gandhi or Bono. Each student chooses one out of a series of random pairs.

classroom discussion 02

By casting votes, students create a “league,” ranked in order of the most powerful, important or influential—and the results of the vote is often surprising, which makes an excellent point for discussion.

Although Power League was originally designed as a playful way to explore the nature of power, the creators have adapted the application so that students can vote on any subject: which is the bigger cause of global warming, for example; or which is the more important invention?


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