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Create Blackout Art with the New York Times Web App



We’ve written about blackout art before, but if you’re new to this activity, here’s how it works: All you need is a newspaper article (or any form of print media) and a Sharpie. The idea is to blackout all of the words you don’t need and use the remaining words to create a short poem or sentence. This is an excellent activity for National Poetry Month.

If you’d like to give blackout art a shot, but prefer using digital media, The New York Times just released a new blackout art web application!

Simply select the article, hover over and click the words you’d like to keep. The application will then black-out the rest of the page.

blackout poetry

If you’re interested in a few more creative writing strategies, check out three of our blogs:

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If you’d like to give blackout art a shot, but prefer using digital media
Posted @ Friday, April 03, 2015 8:33 AM by eleman
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