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Two Apps to Help Teachers Manage Noisy Classrooms


Keeping the classroom volume at a reasonable level can be tricky, especially when our classroom sizes continue to increase! Sometimes, the collective classroom volume rises so incrementally that we don't even realize it until we’re shouting to be heard. To help you better manage your classroom volume, we’d like to share two new apps with you.

As Richard Byrne points out in one of his recent posts, both apps are similar to another “decibel manager” called Too Noisy. Unlike Too Noisy, though, both of these apps are completely free!

Bouncy Balls behaves like a popcorn machine that runs on noise. The louder your students are, the higher and more frequently the balls bounce. All you need is a microphone so that the app can register the volume and react appropriately.

We also want to mention that you can choose from four different types of “bouncy balls”: eyeballs, plastic balls, bubbles or emotocons.

apps for teachers
Calmness Counter is a lot like Bouncy Balls with two exceptions: 1) Users can adjust the microphone input sensitivity directly on the computer screen; 2) Rather than bouncing balls, Calmness Counter uses a meter to track volume.

apps for teachers

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We also want to mention that you can choose from four different types of “bouncy balls”: eyeballs, plastic balls, bubbles or emotocons.
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