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Show. Don’t Tell: a better way to market your translation business


translation businessLanguage translators are in the business of intangibles: We sell words, but we also guarantee that those words will uphold the credibility and reputation of our clients. That’s no small responsibility. So how do those of us in the translation business take potential clients beyond our word and show them that we will deliver? How do we separate ourselves from the millions of folks out there who call themselves translators simply because they speak two languages “fluently?”

Show. Don’t Tell: a better way to market your translation business

You can market your translation business through email, but let’s face it, emails are ugly and clunky. Email does allow you to attach a resume and cover letter, or provide links to articles you’ve translated—but accessing these documents is a hassle for your potential client. We suggest that you skip the email attachments once and for all and start showcasing yourself, your reputation and your work on your own website.

 That sounds expensive and complicated, doesn’t it? That’s true, having a sleek, professional-looking website would have cost a translation business hundreds, even thousands of dollars a few years ago, but thanks to micro-publishing sites like Populr, you can create your own website—and do it for free.

Populr allows you to build what they call “POPs.” This is just another name for a mini, one-page “website” that will house digital media—text, photos, video, sound—and present it in a way that makes you look as good as your translation business is.

Populr is also a useful marketing tool for your translation business. For example, when you send a “POP” to clients, Populr actually tracks when they open the page, and what they accessed while they were on it. You can also share your POPs through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

A basic plan won’t cost you anything, but if you want a domain name that matches your translation business, or want more sophisticated features, you can always browse their upgrade costs and features here.