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Write Room: A Distraction-Free Writing App for Language Translators


language translatorsThroughout the day, language translators are bombarded by distractions—some of them self-induced, some of them not. Work is progressing nicely, but then you catch a pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen: It’s an email from your agency. Answering the email requires a phone call. You wrap that up, but now your coffee is cold. So you warm it up. And on and on the distractions go. We’ve found a simple remedy called Write Room; it’s perfect for language translators.

Write Room: A Distraction-Free Writing App for Language Translators

Basically, Write Room turns your screen into that beloved computer of your youth, the Commodore 64. Here’s what it looks like:

language translators 2.jpg 

Indeed, Write Room has a rather Spartanly appearance, but unlike Microsoft Word, it creates an environment that gets the computer out of the way so you can get back to being a language translator—not a YouTube browser.

Although WriteRoom won't allow you to create fancy layouts or insert tables and graphs, it will help you stay on track and get words on the page. Those of you who use can also take advantage of Write Room’s sync service to keep your translations in order. What does it cost? A mere $4.99.  

If you’re a language translator and looking for a few more tips for staying on task or managing your time, check out one of our other blogs, 5 Time Management Secrets Everyone in the Translation Profession Should Know.


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