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When words fail: Reinvent expository essays with Tildee


tildeeIf you’ve spent time in the classroom, you’ve probably experienced a breakdown in language. Perhaps you were trying to explain a difficult, theoretical concept, but couldn’t find the words to fully elucidate it for your students. Tildee is a free tool that will help you create and share tutorials that’ll keep you focused and help you get to the point!

Type up instructions or an explanation and add map or video to help illustrate your point. Once you’re done, simply enter your email address and voila, you’re tutorial (complete with its own URL) will appear in your email box.

This is certainly useful tool for teachers, but it would also be a great way to introduce your students to expository essays and give them the opportunity to share the results with their peers.

The only downside with Tildee is that it doesn’t allow you to annotate (add arrows, lines or text) your pictures. There are a few free apps out there that will allow you to do this; we talk about three of them in one of our recent blogs, 3 Free Apps for Teachers: Edit and annotate your photos.

Here’s a video tutorial that will walk you through creating your Tildee tutorial:




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