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3 Strategies to Take Your Career to the Next Level


expand your careerWhen it comes to being competitive, much of what you do depends on your career goals.  However, there are three strategies every professional should do to keep an edge.

Strategy #1: Promote Your Expertise

The first step to boosting your game, is knowing how to self-promote your expertise.  Self-promotion is an art and it doesn’t mean bragging, boasting or being an annoyance.  Instead, it’s about letting others know what you’re bringing to the table in a way that’s intriguing and helpful.  When others know what you do and how successful you are doing it, it opens opportunities. 

There are many people looking for experts like you.  Self-promotion can bring the two of you together.

Strategy #2:  Be Strategic About Your Network

Whether you’re looking for a job, advancement or business contacts, your network is important to your competitive edge.  However, to get the most out of it, you must use it strategically. 

Strategic networking isn’t about quantity.  It’s about investing in a network that connects with your goals and there’s mutual benefit.  Networking done strategically can connect you to opportunities, information, and customers. 

Networking is a must and having a strategy that includes a goal, those who should be in your circle and how to find and engage them, produces better returns. 

Strategy #3:  Get Involved by Giving Back 

Most underestimate the benefits of volunteering.  Besides helping the community, it’s also a great way to sharpen skills, showcase talents and build relationships.  Whether you’re employed or not, getting involved is a great way to stay current.

When it comes to volunteering, there are many opportunities in companies, associations and community organizations.  People are always willing to accept additional help and giving your time can open doors in many ways.  When done right, it’s a win-win.

In Closing

Taking your game to the next level is important in this market.  However, it can be overwhelming trying to decide how to do it.  Focusing on self-promotion, strategic networking and getting involved are three strategies that bring big returns. Work smarter by putting time in these areas and boost your game in the process.

Jocelyn Giangrande

Our monthly guest blogger, Jocelyn Giangrande, is a Marygrove Human Resource Management alumna who not only owns her own company, SASHE, LLC, but has over 15 years of corporate experience. Her career advice and guidance have been featured in Women’s Day, HR Magazine; she is also the author of What’s In Your Sandwich? 10 Surefire Ingredients for Career Success.