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We don't ask our graduates to choose reputation over convenience.

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Since its foundation in 1905, Marygrove College’s vision has always been progressive. That is why we have made the commitment to providing our students with a competitive, fully-accredited online graduate experience—one that is custom-tailored to fit your life.

Marygrove College has been at the forefront of the online education movement since 1990. We know that pursuing a college degree is an important, life-changing decision. We know and relate to the needs our students. And we know that our approach towards online degree and certificate education can work for you.

Our teaching philosophy is student-centered. As a result, all classes are taught by teaching faculty (not teaching assistants). Our professors know students by name, and if you are struggling, professors will do their best to present information in a way you understand.

At Marygrove, the classroom does not begin and end at the login page or the campus gates. It spills over into the community. It is our goal to be a significant leader in preparing our students for a rapidly-changing, global economy. The world needs solution-oriented, empathetic and creative minds with a diverse skill set. We believe that our graduates fit this description.

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